The best part about the WOW! program is watching it help your clientele in their daily lives. Every day, we hear stories from our business partners and representatives about different ways the service is being used. WOW! will leave a smile on your face — here's the proof:

  • I was headed to a weekend retreat in Maryland. I planned to leave immediately after taking pictures of my son and his prom date. I didn't print directions because I just KNEW I could type the address in the navigation system and it would get me to the hotel. Unfortunately, the navigation system wouldn't recognize the address and I wasn't familiar with the area to type in a surrounding location. Keep in mind I have all my luggage packed and ready to hit the road. So I pulled over in a parking lot near the highway after several attempts with the navigation system and decided to call WOW! They gave me step by step directions on how to get to the hotel and saved me a 1/2 hour trip back to my home (which was in the opposite direction) to print out the directions. This happened last month and it just reminded me on how great the personal assistant service is.

    Sharita C.
  • I just wanted to tell you how much WOW! has helped fill out our portfolio. This is a well needed product for this day and age. WOW! has all the technological advantages we all need in this day and age and then puts the human touch on it. We keep thinking of, and hearing from our clients, about new ways to use the program at their dealerships. Every time I do a presentation and a demo call, your people always sound fresh and are very professional. It's great to deal with a company that puts out a quality product and lives by the same strong customer service we have. Keep up the great work.

    Ed D.
  • The best thing about WOW is how I can pre-program your customers name as a temporary greeting. When you hand them YOUR cell phone and they listen to THEIR name and THEIR company from a LIVE person, it always elicits a smile and a glance of amazement (“how did they know it was me?”). Then the assistant answers their question and ends with THEIR tag line - yes, customers always say WOW and it's very cool to watch their face as this is happening. Thanks, WOW!

    Scott M.
  • One of my clients had driven to his 20 group meeting back when the gas stations were running out of fuel down south. He said he had been to several gas stations using his GPS but they were ALL out of gas. Running on fumes, he remembered he had the WOW! Personal Assistance. He called them and within a matter of minutes they found him a gas station nearby with fuel.

    My personal experience: I had been looking for a Wii console for my daughters. Every store I went to was sold out. They all gave me their delivery dates for their next shipment, but I was never in town to get one. The only ones I could find on the internet had a bunch of stuff being packaged with it running the amount well over $550.00. I called Personal assistance and within in an hour they found one within 50 minutes from my house saving me $250.00 and helping my girls have a great Christmas.

    Donald B.
  • I love my personal assistant. I called and ask for the closest hotel to the dock in Barcelona, Spain - not only did my assistant find a 4 star hotel, she got me the best rate and booked the hotel and saved a ton of time and money. Inside the United States and into Europe, WOW! is the most professional and efficient assistant service anyone ever needs. Whatever the cost, WOW! is the best deal in the world.

    Bonnie H.
  • I am so very impressed with your product. It is cutting edge stuff and a very impressive marketing tool for potential customers. When you call the service, it is so professional that your customer really gets the impression that they have their very own concierge service. We presented it to our local Chamber of Commerce last fall and called the number to find a florist, and we wanted to specifically find a florist who was a Chamber member in our community. Within just a few minutes they had a list of florists who were all Chamber members. They were so impressed with this. I still use this tool to anyone that will listen to me. I THINK IT IS A GREAT PRODUCT!

    Barry A.
  • I use WOW! on almost a daily basis. Everything from saving me money each month on getting phones numbers for people or businesses, to setting up reservations at restaurants. Using WOW! has allowed me more freedom and time to spend on clients and growing my business. I will continue using WOW!

    Randy A.
  • We successfully launched our first WOW! order with one of our largest clients. They thought the idea of an “interactive” promotional product and service was very unique. WOW! worked with us through some of the initial challenging aspects of communicating the service and all of it's capabilities to our client. We now have an even happier client who not only looks to us for WOW services but for other creative marketing solutions as a result of the impact of the program.

    Greg S.
  • Last year I was on the freeway in a rural part of Utah when my car's temperature suddenly skyrocketed. I was new to the state and when I called 411, they couldn't help me with the only info I had: the freeway number and the nearest exit number. I later learned that the "best" guess they gave me turned out to be 50 miles away ... my car's engine would have seized long before I made it.

    So I called WOW! and explained my problem. The agent not only took just a minute to find a service center within 10 miles, but she sent me the directions and a phone number so I could call ahead for service. I made it to the dealership before the engine suffered any permanent damage and was back on the road in a rental within the hour. No exaggeration, WOW! saved my car.

    Rob H.
  • Your service is outstanding and my clients are very impressed with the level of information provided in such a swift manner by great operators. You are helping us to expand our customer base by integrating this program into the services we offer our customers. Keep up the great work!

    Ron A.
  • The WOW! Program is one of the only promotional products I have seen in the last 6 years in the business that I have actually been WOW'ed by! To be able to provide a client with personalized service that not only promotes your company name, but also provides an extremely valuable service to anyone it is presented to, is not found in the industry. Most items can be given to someone else, trashed, or tossed to the side. This product is one I find would be kept as a gold mine: kept by the original user, and shared with all their friends and coworkers. To have a live person at your fingertips is priceless, especially in this economy. I look forward to offering this product to all my clients, no matter the request, this fits it all!

    Nikia H.
  • I had to write a quick note to WOW! to express my delight with your product and service. My clients absolutely LOVE the concept, and the customer service from your company is outstanding. Jason, my rep, is knowledgeable, efficient, and friendly, and I will continue to show your product with confidence in my future meetings. Thanks again!

    Jaycee A.
  • Throughout the summer of 2008 in Iowa we have had exceptionally bad weather. It was one particular night around 2 am that my family and I awoke to tornado sirens. We quickly headed to our basement. Just as we turned on our TV, we were able to get a quick glimpse of the weather, showing the storm moving directly towards our area and then our power went out.

    My wife and two young children (ages 6 and 2) were terrified. It was at that time I realized I had grabbed my cell phone – I recalled that I could get weather reports from my WOW! card personal assistance service. I called the 888-WOW-1411 number I had programmed into my phone and received a live person that gave me instant peace-of-mind.

    I was told that the tornado warning was about to expire and that for the remaining portion of the night/early morning we were under a severe thunderstorm warning. We were so relieved that we were safe.

    I am positive that without the WOW card service, my family would have spent the night in the basement, terrified and believing a tornado was about to hit our house. I can now say with out a doubt that I will always have WOW card personal assistance service by my side.

    Joe N.
  • We had a storm go thought our area and knock out electricity to our home at 3:00 in the morning. I was able to use the service and call the energy company to report the electricity was out. Better than stumbling around trying to find a flashlight that was out of batteries to try and look up a phone number.

    I also have two boys, 6 and 8, that fight and argue about everything. So we use the service when we are in the car to resolve disputes. This works wonderfully as the boys take what the service says as fact and it resolves our disputes and saves them from getting yelled at by their dad for fighting. Our questions range from: Who was the 3rd man on the moon? to What is stronger steel or iron? To what is the definition of Dude? I really like the service and it is very useful.

    Jeremy H.
  • The WOW! concierge service is a huge help, especially for those who travel frequently or are on-the-go and don't have those new gadgets with web access. The service is always friendly, quick and helpful. This is a UNIQUE and INNOVATIVE way to impress any client, who is constantly searching for the next best item for their promotion or brand. This item is IT. A truly valuable service, that is available in the form of a card, so the end client or consumer still walks away with something in-hand.

    Bindi P.
  • The folks at WOW! have been awesome to work with. First the card is incredible, and we have gotten so much positive feedback from our clients. It's something different than a mug, or a pen, and our customers know they can always rely on help from their card when they use it. Larry, especially, has been so helpful to me, in providing us with virtual samples to show our customers, and providing on-line webinars everyday to help answer all my questions. And, the card has so many uses including weekly text messages to advertise a certain product or 'specials' our customers may be promoting. I love this WOW card, and the name defintely fits it perfectly - WOW!

    Jan V.
  • I've personally used the WOW! Card several times for various requests. Each time, I was impressed with the courteous agents, who were helpful as they always provided me with timely and accurate information that I requested. Hearing a company's name and unique message as the agent says good-bye is an innovative branding opportunity.

    Andrew S.
  • WOW! has been a tremendous help to my business. They've done everything from saving me money on travel arrangements to helping me find a great Italian restaurant! Most importantly, the assistants at WOW! are always courteous, professional, and fast to respond to all of my requests. I feel very confident in recommending WOW! to my business associates and personal friends."

    Spencer D.
  • The WOW! Personal Concierge Card is one of the most unique promotional products to come along in my 27 years in the industry.

    It fulfills many requirement and solves a lot of problems that can be associated with some other products. For the recipient that has everything (but a lot of time) this is a great gift. Since they are so small, the shipping charges are very minimal and once received it stays in the wallet or purse and adds a sense of security as well. It does not have problems associated with electronics that many times malfunction or breakage with items like glassware or crystal. It does not have a shelf life like food or candy.

    I don't know a soul that can't use a “Life Line” in their daily life.

    Peter H.
  • I travel quite a bit for business and have found the WOW! service gives me a friend in every town. Not unlike a long day in the office, after a long day on the road I want three things: food, shower, and bed. Sometimes I'm in a small town no one knows, other times mega cities like Washington D.C. With a call to my personal assistant I can find a place to stay, in my budget, without driving around or calling everyone. Then they text me directions to the best pizza joint, steak house, or whatever I'm craving. The service also comes in handy at home. Want to know movie times, make reservations for dinner, what time my mother-in-law's flight comes in or leaves? You get the picture. I just give my personal assistant a call.

    Adam R.
  • The WOW! card has generated excitement and a reason to reach out to both new prospects, as well as existing accounts. For new prospects it is easier to "get a foot in the door" with a new unique idea rather than trying to challenge existing relationships. For existing customers, bringing new ideas to the table is how we earn our stripes.

    When presenting the card I always tell of my personal experience of driving to Philly from New England on a rainy night and deciding not to try to get home until the next day. I dialed the number on the WOW! Card, told the operator the mile marker I was at, asked to find a particular brand hotel within the next 1/2 hour of my ride and perhaps a local restaurant for some good New England Clam Chowder. Within seconds I was texted the mile marker for the hotel and that I had a reservation at a restaurant for chowder within walking distance ... WOW!

    Fred S.
  • WOW! has been a fabulous company to work with. Whenever I need a spec sample or virtual sample they get it done immediately and they always look great! They have spoken during meetings for me with my customers so they can better understand the WOW! card. Customer service is always friendly and helpful.

    As far as the WOW! card service, it's second to none! It's such a great service/product. I show this item to all my clients and potential clients when I meet with them. It sets me apart from my competitors, because no one else has this service. I am a big fan of the WOW! card. I would suggest showing this product, because it will sell.

    Courtney V.
  • I love using the WOW! service and carrying my card in my wallet at all times. It has helped me locate restaurants and obtain information on the fly many times. The customer service person is always professional, friendly, and helpful. This is a feel-good promotional product that keeps on giving.

    Kevin D.
  • When I was shown the WOW card at the PPAI Show in Las Vegas the first thing that came out of my mouth was “WOW!” There is nothing like it in the industry. The WOW card can be used in just about any market.

    Jason L.
  • First, the WOW card is an exceptional service with clear added value to our customers. It is unique, it is fun and it is different than the same old give-away items. Secondly, the customer service at WOW and concierge service assistants are AWESOME. Personal, polite and genuine.

    Anita B.
  • Just a quick note to report what a positive impact WOW! is having when we present it to our clients. I love the look of amazement that comes across a client's face when their call is answered with their own name by your staff of enthusiastic and well-trained agents. Your staff really does a top-notch job. I appreciate the way you continue to make me and my company look good time and time again.

    Kevin H.