How It Works

The WOW! card is the cornerstone of the branded personal assistance experience. Red WOW! card
Our creative department works with you to develop the design, and then you hand out the cards to your clients, prospects, or employees.

The card represents more than a standard promotional product; it is a point of contact, reference, and conversation, all in one. The small size of the cards means they travel wherever a person's wallet goes - everywhere. 88% of those that use the service do so on speakerphone, around friends or family, and since WOW! is the industry's only live, branded promotional product, it capitalizes on each branding opportunity in a totally unique way.

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Thank you for calling Your Company Personal Assistance When your clientele dial the toll-free number on your branded WOW! cards, they hear a customized greeting tailored to your client's brand. After being greeted by name, callers are free to ask anything, anytime, anywhere. Whether it’s dinner reservations with the family or weather reports while traveling, your team of personal assistants can handle the task. Unlike other concierge services, we transcend the capabilities of traditional information services.

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Since we deliver our service transparently, your client benefits directly from our meticulous dedication to personal assistance; your clients, prospects, or employees associate the trust and reliability of WOW! with your client's brand. This translates into effective, branded market penetration the likes of which no other promotional product can match.

And while other promotional products lay stagnant in a drawer or beneath desk clutter, WOW! becomes a part of your clientele's daily lives, actively capitalizing on every single "branding opportunity." WOW! is an extension of your client's company, allowing you to build relationships and reconnect with your clients, prospects, or employees.

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