100% Brandable Personal Assistance

Versatility. It's sought by many but attained by few. The modern business world has shown us that those who don't have it get left behind. WOW! Personal Assistance Service represents the most versatile promotional tool in a distributor's arsenal to date. We take all the benefits of a traditional, tangible promotional item and build upon it in a wholly unique way.

  • Anything, Anytime, Anywhere

    It all starts with the power of people helping people. Where 411 fails, WOW! succeeds by providing phone-based, on-demand solutions to life's most common problems, no matter how big or how small. Simply put, if the internet could talk, WOW! is how it would sound.

  • Transparent Branding

    Through proprietary technology and innovative marketing concepts, WOW! can be tailored to represent any brand, industry, or idea. When a personal assistant answers the phone, the entire interaction is seamlessly bookended with a live, branded greeting and closing. WOW! builds trust and loyalty and then channels and associates it with you.

  • Creative Collaboration

    At every step in the design process, our talented graphics design team works with you to develop your fully branded WOW! card. Your client's image is the first thing prospects will see when they reach into their wallets for assistance, so we do our best to ensure your satisfaction. There are no limits to the customization – text or logos, we can do it all - and we offer complimentary virtual proofs and samples to ensure quality.