WOW! Recovery

WOW! Recovery is a powerful branding tool that also functions as a profit center. It protects lost articles such as luggage, backpacks, keys, laptops, or cell-phones by not only facilitating the return shipment but by also rewarding the finder.

Here's how it works:

  1. You gift or sell tags to customers or organizations, designed and printed by us at your direction.
  2. The recipients place tags on their valuables.
  3. The tags are registered on your customized web portal, designed and built by us.
  4. If an item is lost, the finder calls a toll-free number for a reward.
  5. WOW! arranges for return shipping at no cost.

WOW! Recovery streamlines the process from beginning to end. Additionally, we handle all billing and fulfillment, design custom emails for your client base, pay for rewards and shipping expenses, and even give the option to share the profits with you.