Specialty Cards and Programs

The creative applications for WOW! are simply limitless. The service stands alone amongst competitors as a 100% transparent personal assistance service, adaptable to any situation. Access to the service can be printed on anything, no matter the material, shape or size. Some of our more unique examples include:

Key Leads

An innovative delivery method for advertising messages, our patented die-cut key lead cards are made to fit directly into the key cylinder of almost any door handle. Cards can be printed with or without the WOW! service.

Roadside Assistance

WOW! can be bundled with any car or program as a reliable, 24-hour-a-day aid. Contact us for more details.

Bag Tags

Attach the WOW! card to any bag or any valuable.

Corn Cards

Reduce your ecological footprint with our environmentally friendly WOW! eco-cards, made from 100% biodegradable corn resin.