Transparent Branding

What sets WOW! apart from other promotional products is its adaptability as a marketing vehicle. Through seamless implementation, the WOW! Personal Assistance Service functions as a direct extension of your client's brand. The program capitalizes on every branding opportunity and provides multiple ways to reconnect with your clientele.

Branded Card

Brand your card

Your fully-tailored, branded WOW! card is the tangible connection between you and your clients, prospects, or employees. Customized to your vision, the card includes high quality images of your client's logo or trademark. It also includes the phone number for the service, as well as any other text or image you specify: information lists, contact phone numbers, directions, reminders, etc.

The cards travel wherever your clientele's wallets go; that means your client's brand has a foot in the door every time the service is used. Our case studies have shown us that the WOW! program generates excellent exposure in social settings, where it is used 88% of the time. And since the service is branded transparently, that exposure is focused entirely at your client.

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Branded Call

Thank you for calling Your Company Personal Assistance

The transparency continues with the way your team of personal assistants answer the phone. They deliver a greeting and closing, specified by you, that bookends the experience with your client's brand. This yields brand awareness unlike any other promotional product on the market, thanks to the WOW! program's unique approach to market penetration.

When your clientele hang up the phone, they associate the WOW! experience with your client's brand alone. The WOW! team of personal assistants provide help - in your client's name.

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